Helping Your Tween/Teen Daughter Be Prepared For The School Year

Once upon a time, when I was in my 20’s, I was a school teacher. I taught school at a very hoity-toity private school, where the parents paid big bucks to receive more personalized attention for their well-heeled students. It was on me to provide that attention and educate those offspring, and I did my […]

Preparing for The Talk, Through Finding the Talkable Moments

As much as my Mother adored me, (and she did), it was never easy for me to talk with her about things that were deeply personal to me. That’s on me. For some reason, when it came to topics concerning my body, I held her at arm’s length, so to speak. Which is why, I’m […]

Re-framing the Period Discussion

I was talking lately with some moms of tweens, and a couple of them mentioned that they are kind of dreading the discussion that they’ll need to be having soon with their daughters, in regard to the changes that a girl’s body goes through at puberty. They were especially not looking forward to talking with […]