The Salad to Bring When They Ask You To Bring a Salad

You offer to bring “something to go with the meal” when you’ve been invited over for dinner, and the host says, “Oh…just bring a salad”. You want to bring something that will stand out as scrumptious. But you ALSO want to bring something EASY. What to do? A couple of nights ago, I found your […]

Salad with Navy Beans, Goat Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, Croutons, and Warm Bacon Dressing

Salad with Navy Beans, Goat Cheese, Grape Tomatoes and Warm Bacon Vinaigrette is more of a meal than a salad. In the dog days of summer, isn’t it wonderful to have a nice, cool salad for dinner sometimes? I first had this salad 16 years ago, and have been making it several times each summer, […]

Aztec Salad: Repentance Never Tasted So Good

I thought that after my last HORRIBLY NAUGHTY post, the one on Chocolate Sour Cream Pound Cake with Raspberry Sauce, that a season of contrition was in order. Fortunately for you, I’ve never been very good at eating to punish myself. If I’m going to ingest calories, they’d better be good ones.   Aztec Salad […]