A Look At Homeschooling From the Rear View Mirror

This is a post I wrote on my experience homeschooling, as a guest post, on a website called Hip Homeschool Moms.  As I was deciding what I wanted to share with you today, I thought maybe “A Look at Homeschooling From the Rear View Mirror”  would be a great title for a post that would […]

My Son is Driving

And you thought the first two words of this post were going to be: “….Me Crazy”. No, he’s actually driving! By himself. You can’t sue me, now. You have been warned. Holy cow, how did we get to this place??? Wasn’t it just yesterday I was picking him up out of the crib, and drawing […]

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, looks like I truly am back in the saddle again, in more ways than one. The school year has begun again, with a vengeance. And we have realized that with all the activities we have said “yes” to, we are going to be behind the wheel of our car, driving, every day of the […]