Tips for Parents of High School Seniors

My son is a senior in high school. Wow. Before you know it, he’ll be movin’ on down the line. I bet I’m not the only Mom of a high school senior sitting here scratching her head, wondering how in the world THIS happened! I’ve been living in denial in quite a while, and while […]

A Picture of Homeschooling

There are so many stories that this picture tells. Click for a closer look: maybe you’ll see them. This picture tells the story of an immense love shared by a young married couple: a love so deep that the young couple was willing to risk their very happy married-without-children lifestyle, to see what might  happen […]

What Smells Worse Than That?

Let’s play a game. The game is called, “What smells worse than that?” Ready? Here we go. When my son entered adolescence, he discovered a fragrance. A fragrance that is worn by most teenaged boys to cover up something pretty rank. The smell they are trying to mask is the smell of teen aged boy […]