Furless Feline Finally Fabricates Fur Facsimile

Grady, and my knees It may sound far-fetched, but it’s a fact. Grady, my fashion forward feline friend from Frisco (OK, I hate that term. He’s from SAN FRANCISCO, not (shiver) “Frisco”, but it was the “f” alliteration thing, and I succumbed to the temptation to add just one. more. “f:. FAIL.) is having an […]

Draggin’ Heart

The last month or so has been hard. Really hard. I caught a bug the day after Christmas, a really evil bug, that caused me to lose my voice from 3 weeks of coughing day and night, and sapped me of all energy, physical and  emotional. During that time, I also allowed myself to become […]

Maybe Balaam’s Donkey Wasn’t Such an Ass After All

As you know, I’ve been studying the book of Isaiah lately, and this week while reading in Chapter 13, I was struck by a thought. Now, it’s not that new a thought. I’ve thought it before, and I bet you have, too, but even so, I think it bears repeating, so that we can compare […]