Expensive Steak House Taste at a Fraction of the Price

This post, Expensive Steak House Taste at a Fraction of the Price, will give you all the information you need to achieve that goal, via the processes of dry aging, salting, and using a compound butter on your next piece of choice meat. Have you ever eaten out at a fancy steak house, and wondered […]

Great, Easy Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Mojo

Getting your mojo back can be oh, so delicious, and easy! It’s hot. Dang hot. I need to get my mojo back. But it’s too stinkin’ hot!!! Can you relate? Can I get an Amen, somebody???  Here’s a recipe for grilled pork tenderloin. With mojo sauce. Specifically designed to help you get your mojo back! […]

Variations on a Butt Rub

We’re smokin’ in the Boonies, again. Started smoking last night at midnight. Seriously. A mighty fine sign indeed. And, yes, we cleared this with the dietician. Our friends who typically hold their 4th of July bash on the 4th of July have thrown us and themselves a curve ball this year: they have a fabulous […]