Slap Yo’ Mama Butt Rub

Slap Yo’ Mama Butt Rub is the PERFECT spice rub blend for pork, chicken, or venison.  Wrapping Up Grill Week I’ve decided to wrap up Grill Week here in the Boonies with a recipe for a spice rub called Slap Yo’ Mama Butt Rub, to go on whatever meat you’re going to grill. I did […]

Great Wines for Summer Grill Nights

Since I’ve declared this week, “Grill Week” here in the Boonies, I realized quite a few of us might enjoy a recommendation for a nice wine to sip with the lovely recipes I’ll be serving up. I went to my friend and local wine guru, Denny Jiosa, and asked him to turn us on to […]

"Toaded" Grilled Chicken with Mustard

Grilled “Toaded” Chicken with Mustard I’m a HUGE fan of the food blog “What Katie Ate”, the award winning food blog written by Australian Katie Quinn Davies. Actually, my husband and I both are. She has, in our opinion, some of the best food photography around! Katie’s brilliant images prove that a food blogger does […]