Furless Feline Finally Fabricates Fur Facsimile

Grady, and my knees It may sound far-fetched, but it’s a fact. Grady, my fashion forward feline friend from Frisco (OK, I hate that term. He’s from SAN FRANCISCO, not (shiver) “Frisco”, but it was the “f” alliteration thing, and I succumbed to the temptation to add just one. more. “f:. FAIL.) is having an […]

Raspberry Shortbread Cookies: The Recipe that Made Me the Cookie Contest Queen

Raspberry Shortbread Cookies are the cookies that won me the title of Cookie Contest Queen. And you’ll find, at the bottom of this post,  the recipe for the amazing Raspberry Shortbread Cookie: it’s the cookie my family demands, year after year.   An Embarrassing Story Involving These Christmas Cookies I can’t believe I haven’t told […]

*That* Susan Williams and the Sexiest Man Alive

Now I KNOW y’all think I am talking about my Big Bison, and in point of fact, with a title like this one, I should be! There is no sexier man alive than my gorgeous hunk of a husband, and if you don’t share my opinion: well, good! More for me!!! But, since lately I […]