What I should be doing:

What I should be doing? WRITING. I have a potential opportunity to contribute some recipes to a cookbook that Harvest House is talking about putting out, and I’ve been dragging my feet about actually writing the recipes, because, I am scared of failing. What else should I be doing? BLOGGING. I want to talk about […]

Pee Wee’s Auction Adventure

No, not THIS Pee Wee. Image from here.  Once upon a time, about 23 years ago, and I really and truly am not making this story up, I was a newlywed. OK, I know that’s not that hard to believe. But hang on: it may take a while to get to the unbelievable part, but […]

I Am Not Worthy

Trying to act nonchalant.  See this woman? See what’s behind her? Yeah, at this particular moment, she was feeling pretty darn good about herself. She was thinking that she, for some reason, had been allowed to hit the jackpot. Have you ever been someplace, gone someplace, and known that you had risen above your social […]