Homemade Heavenly Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

  All of life is about balance.  Where would chocolate be without a little vanilla to balance it? And Homemade Heavenly Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is here to help you find a little balance in your life.    You deserve a little treat now and again. One must balance work and play. Am I right? […]

Two Christmas Cookie Recipes: Raspberry Shortbread and Chocolate Caramel Treasures

Are you looking for a recipe or two for some wonderful Christmas cookies? I won two different cookie contests in my small ‘burg in the Boonies with these delicious recipes. Chocolate Caramel Treasures and Raspberry Shortbread are my two prize winning recipes. And if you’re not looking to cook, the story of how I became the […]

Thanksgiving Recipes: A Cornucopia of Culinary Delights

Oh, my. Pecan Pie. I thought I’d make it easy for you to find any of my Thanksgiving recipes that you might be interested in, and link them all up in one post, so…here ya go! How To Brine and Smoke a Turkey How To Brine and Grill a TurkeyWorld’s Best Cream Gravy World’s Best […]