A Loving Letter to my Leggy Labrador

My friend Gary, from Gary’s third pottery blog posted a letter he wrote to his cat, Spike, yesterday. It moved me to tears. Yup. A simple letter to a beloved pet moved me to tears, because I’m sappy that way. His premise for this writing exercise was asking his readers who they might write a letter […]

Uninvited Dinner Guest

We invited some wonderful friends over for dinner last night. After they arrived, the Big Bison’s hunting buddy asked him if he would show him the fateful spot where my husband was splitting wood the afternoon he had his heart attack. Deacon D. Dawg walked out to the wood pile with them, and, as is […]

Life has its Seasons

And I kind of suspect that my Deacon D. Dawg may be in the October of his life. But seasons are to be celebrated, so today, won’t you celebrate with me a beautiful October in the Boonies, as seen from off the balcony off my husband’s studio? As, I type this, it’s very early, and […]