Update: This Paper Boy Still Delivers

Neither rain, nor hail, nor life threatening breathing crisis will deter this good boy from his appointed rounds. He pins his ears back like that when he’s really, really happy. You know, down at the vet’s office, they’re all talking about him. Oh, yes, Deacon D. Dawg is the talk of the town: the “Miracle […]

O Death, Where is Thy Victory?

It was a hard, hard day. We had a hard day today. The other night, after a very stormy day, our electric fence alarm started screaming, indicating that somewhere around the perimeter the dog fence line might be broken. We unplugged the fence to silence the alarm, since it was late at night, and then, […]

Birthday Boy Busted in the Boonies

February 14 may have been Valentine’s day to YOU, but to those of us in the Boonies, it is also known as Deakie Boy’s Birthday. Deacon D. Dawg turned TWELVE this year. That’s twelve in human years. But that’s eight thousand and seventy-two in doggie years. Or 84. It’s one of those. And we’re proud […]