Seven Smart Tips for Roasted Sweet Potatoes

This post contains Seven Smart Tips for Roasted Sweet Potatoes. This type of recipe produces what’s sometimes called “melting potatoes“: crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. It’s based on science, but I think once you taste them, you’ll agree that artistry is involved in the recipe development, as well.  This is a sponsored […]

Why You Shouldn’t Sit Near Stacey

  I know a girl. A sweet, wholesome, beautiful girl. Fresh faced and rosy cheeked, she has that natural kind of beauty that needs no adornment. Her soft spoken manner is accompanied by kindness, gentleness, and helpfulness. She’s the kind of girl who would make ANY mother proud. You’d never take her for someone with […]

The Curse of the Sugar Plum Fairy

What is it about me and the Nutcracker Ballet?  I am cursed. My friends, I live my life under the Curse of the Sugar Plum Fairy. That curse is a little known phenomenon, but it has to do with a person who chooses to go to a kiddie version of the ballet. Here in Nashville […]