It’s a Major Award!!!

The Dad on “A Christmas Story” Ain’t the Only Major Award Winner! No Ugly One Yet. Isn’t that a great name: No Ugly One Yet? As in, “All my kids are beautiful: haven’t had an ugly one yet”? Well, my friend Leslie, from the Sonlight Forums, who goes by the user name of No Ugly […]

Blog Giveaway: Your chance to win!!!

The Best Christmas Music Ever Free? Free??? Did you say a contest, AND a giveaway??? Yup. It’s the holidays, after all, and with or without the mistletoe, I’m in a holiday mood. If you remember, a few weeks ago I did a post about the Best Christmas Music Ever. (Yeah, OK, it’s my husband’s music, […]


Isn’t that a cool picture? I told my dear husband, the Big Bison, the kind of picture I wanted for this post, and pointed out the microphone I wanted a picture of, and what background from his studio I thought would look cool, but that’s as much credit as I can take. My concept, his […]