That’ll Learn Me

Be careful what you wish for. Isn’t that what you’ve always heard? Me, too. Why won’t I listen??? Remember how I said I was longing to be interviewed? Jack knows better than to wish for something like that. Some donkeys are smarter than others. Well, my wish has done gone and come true. I’ve been […]

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I got a Post of the Week!!!!!!, I did!!! I think my heart just about leapt out of my throat, too!!!! So, I was on my way to Hilary’s wonderful blog, The Smitten Image, and I was going to comment about how Squirrel Buffet (the title of one of her pictures today) must be a cousin of Jimmy Buffett’s, and must […]

It’s My Day!!!

Happy Birthday to Me! My dear husband, the Big Bison took me out to dinner last night where we were treated the way you OUGHT to be treated on your birthday: with sumptuous food and drink, with warmth, and concern for our every need. They even showed concern that the load that our pocketbook was […]