Foreign Foods

So here’s what I’ve noticed: First off, there are some amazing, AMAZING  writers out there in the blogosphere. Secondly, many of my favorites don’t necessarily speak my cultural language. They don’t all have my world view. Yet, they are as tasty as a recipe that I try from what, to me, is a completely foreign […]

Thrice Smitten: That’s a Good Thing

“ I’m really honored and Totally Not Worthy to have gotten an honorable mention as “A Good Laugh” over at Hilary’s gorgeous blog, The Smitten Image. This is my third nod from Hillary, and I’m starting to suspect that this might be her way of being nice to the pitiful girl in the class. You […]

And I made it myself.

I finally figured out how to make my own button! I’m so excited! I didn’t even used to even know what a blog button was, but now, I can make my own. I went to this wonderful lady’s blog, carefully followed her instructions, and now I know how. So, if you’d like to make your […]