An Orphan Mentality

  In the Friday morning ladies group that I attend, we’ve been tossing around the phrase, “orphan mentality”. It touched a nerve for me. Because too often, I catch myself living like I’m an orphan. What do I mean? What is an “orphan mentality”? And where did we even come up with this terminology? The […]

Double Chocolate Layer Cake

Double Chocolate Layer Cake I promised I’d get back with you on that chocolate cake recipe, and I like to keep my promises. I’d also like to tell you that it’s my “own” recipe, as if I came up with it, but it’s not. I found it on Epicurious the first time I made it, […]

Springtime Fresh Strawberry Pie

  I remember well the first time I had strawberry pie. My mother was hosting a graduation party for my brother and had made several strawberry pies. I was 10 years old, and didn’t even think I liked strawberries. They had that awful little seed/crunch factor going on. But then I tried one small bite. […]