Brisket Watch

Remember many years ago when Baby Jessica was stuck in a well? Remember how all America waited with bated breath for her to be released from her confinement? Or, more recently, remember those Chilean miners who were trapped in a mine in Chile (where else would you expect to find a trapped Chilean miner, I […]

Crunchy Granola Suite

Only someone who has listened to a lot of Neil Diamond would get the reference in my title, today. But my junior high days were filled with James Taylor, Loggins and Messina, and early on, thanks to my girlfriend George and her passion for the song “Kentucky Woman”,  Neil Diamond had to be listened to. […]

Packed In Like ….

Finish that expression. Sardines, of course! Yesterday, I was watching Dr. Oz, who was touting a book that looks mighty interesting to me called the 4 Hour Body. How could you not be interested in a book that promises Rapid Fat-Loss? Holy Moly, I just called up the Amazon link, and it also apparently promises […]