Psalm 16: King David vs. Martha Stewart

Oh, my goodness! I think I have fallen in love and have found a new favorite psalm! My favorites tend to change on a daily basis, but still! This is a psalm FULL of thoughts that I just totally relate to! Different psalms relate to different seasons in our lives, I suppose, but this one […]

Psalm 9: A GOOD Stronghold

Verse 1 of Psalm 9 says: “I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders.” Isn’t God good? I’ll tell you one of His wonders right now, That He still cares for me. That’s a wonder. I suppose it’s not just me. I’m probably not the only […]

Psalm 4: Of Secret Stashes and Caches

Psalm 4: Lest you think God’s Word no longer applies…. The NIV study Bible has a text note that helped me understand this psalm better this morning than perhaps I have done in the past. It says that David probably wrote this psalm in the face of some crisis in the nation, possibly drought, which […]