The Bunnies, Mr. Billy, and Mr. Billy’s Beagles

or: Breaking Bread with Mr. Billy, Mr. Billy’s Beagles, and the Bunnies I’m going to make a stab at retelling a story that is the stuff of legends. Once again, I did not personally witness the event that I am about to recount, but I first heard the story from one of the guys it […]

Rebuilding the Walls: Opposition

Back in the 5th century, Augustine asked, “Why does truth inspire such hatred?” Opposition is a real thing, and don’t think it ain’t. When Nehemiah organized the Israelites to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in chapters 3 and 4 of the book of Nehemiah, they faced real opposition from their enemies. This opposition included verbal […]

Lessons from a Downcast Guy

This week, the Lord has been using scripture from Nehemiah to feed my spirit. I have been using our church’s scripture reading plan for my quiet time, since I myself am not attending Bible Study Fellowship, (like the Big Bison and the kids are). Nehemiah was the cup bearer to the King of Persia, in […]

Deacon D. Dawg

You know, really, the better title for this post might be “What Was I THINKIN”???” Actually, I know what I was thinking. I was thinking that they were all so CUTE!!! All 11 of those little yellow Labrador puppies!!! Just lined up, standing up, with their front paws resting on top of the chicken wire […]

Proverbs 2:1 Beware the Grim Reeker

We’ve got a lot of good stories in our family made up by my daughter (she of George, the Rabid Chicken fame.) And one relates to the Grim Reaper. One fall, probably near Halloween, she came across the image of the Grim Reaper. A ghastly, grim image he is. She was about 6 at the […]

What Is This Big Bison of Which You Speak?

Or “of whom”. Actually, it should be “Who is this Big Bison of whom you speak?” How did my adorable husband come to be known as the Big Bison? Well it started many moons ago, at Pam’s Truck Stop in Lebanon, TN, on the way to the VFW. Think I’m joking? Oh, no, my friends. […]