Psalm 16: King David vs. Martha Stewart

Oh, my goodness! I think I have fallen in love and have found a new favorite psalm! My favorites tend to change on a daily basis, but still! This is a psalm FULL of thoughts that I just totally relate to! Different psalms relate to different seasons in our lives, I suppose, but this one […]

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Thoughts on Psalm 9: A GOOD Stronghold

Verse 1 of Psalm 9 says: “I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart;I will tell of all your wonders.” Isn’t God good? I’ll tell you one of His wonders right now, That He still cares for me. That’s a wonder. I suppose it’s not just me. I’m probably not the only one […]

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Of Secret Stashes and Caches:

Psalm 4: Lest you think God’s Word no longer applies…. The NIV study Bible has a text note that helped me understand this psalm better this morning than perhaps I have done in the past. It says that David probably wrote this psalm in the face of some crisis in the nation, possibly drought, which […]

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Psalm 1: Blessed Is The Woman

Today, I was reading Psalm 1. Here’s the text of the first three verses: Blessed is the manwho does not walk in the counsel of the wickedor stand in the way of sinnersor sit in the seat of mockers.But his delight is in the law of the Lord,and on his law he meditates day and […]

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Authentic Swiss Fondue

Sound yummy??? Well, actually it turned out to be really delicious, but on the particular batch you will see pictured in this blog, I learned an important lesson that I will pass along to you, so that you can make a really delicious, authentically Swiss fondue, and avoid the whole unpleasant rubber cement issue. This […]

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George, The Chicken

I’d like to tell you a little bit about my family, and this morning, I think I’ll start off with our Little Bit, the youngest member of our family. She is, as any good Irishman would tell you, the light o’my life, my little ray of sunshine. I’ll call her the Boonie Baby, for the […]

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